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CQME Successfully Organized Construction Project Management and Audit Training

發布時間: 2013-10-17    瀏覽次數:7805

Strengthen the Service Consciousness
Promote Standard Management
--CQME Successfully Organized Construction Project Management and Audit Training


During CQME broadly carried out the Partys mass line education practice, spared no efforts to solve formalism, bureaucratism, hedonism, and extravagance issues, and strived to achieve seeking development by pooling the wisdom and efforts of everyone, increasing benefit by broadening sources of income and reducing expenditure, in order to further enhance our service awareness, CQME organized a special training about construction project management and audit on 4 September 2013.

The chairman of the Board of directors, president, CFO, chairman of the Board of supervisors, principal of audit department of CQMEs subsidiaries, and relevant participants from the planning and development department, finance department and audit department of CQME, totally about 130 people, took part in this training. The training session was hosted by Mr. Chen Xianzheng, the executive director and board secretary.

Mr. Chen pointed out, in recent years, CQME had launched environmental relocation and major technical reform projects in succession, had established a scientific decision making system about market research and expert authentication, and had taken Project Construction Regular Meeting and Point to Point Service, to strengthen the management and service. During the project implementation, all the subsidiaries had preferably followed the Corporate System, Supervisor System, Bid System and Contract System, and they summarized and accumulated experiences therefrom. However, we needed to improve and promote our management through further training, and this training is a result of cautious study and careful organization.

Mr. Zhu Tao, the lecturer of this training. is the vice president of Chongqing Engineering Cost Management Association. He unfolded his lecture in four aspects: the major points of construction project, construction procedure and management; the major points of state audit and audit of construction project; how to well prepare for the project completion final account audit; typical cases. He introduced the legal requirements and operation practice of the stages of decision making, design, transaction, construction and completion in detail, clarified the specific requirements of project construction and finance management from audit point of view, and emphasized the process control and effective supervision, considering the reality of environmental relocation and major technical reform.

Mr. Le Songbang, the manager of audit department of CQME, lectured on the major issues in the management system and audit of construction project in recent two years, and he proposed six points of specific requirements: 1. To well prepare element work for completion audit; 2. To establish special account to manage project capital; 3. To adjust or change project through necessary audit; 4. To standardize bidding process and enhance contract management; 5. To intensify the storage of project construction material and ensure the completeness; 6. To focus on the economic benefit of the project investment.

The training has get the recognition of the participants, who think that such training has promptness as well as strong pertinence, guidance and operability, which will standardize management and improve the quality and effectiveness at the same time when managing the project.